Fiber Panel and MPO Solutions

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Patch Panel Cad 6 110C,24P,SL,Univ (unoad with Jack bag

- TE Fiber Patch Panels offer high performance and reliability from a connectivity brand you can trust.
- These high density panels offer 288-positions in just 5 rack units. The panels can be ordered in one, two and five rack unit 
sizes and are completely modular to configure to a variety of applications. The unique modular adaptor packs incorporate 
KRONE’s angled adaptor design to allow easy access to each port and superior cable management and bend 
radius protection.



- TE Fiber Panels combine the unique features of vertical cable guides and angle-left/angle-right adaptors, offering bend 
radius protection, intuitive routing and easy connector access. 
- The rear panel access makes field termination or splicing fast and efficient. The 1U and 2U versions feature convenient 
sliding access to terminations and splicing.
- The panels are best suited for rack or cabinet mounting in Horizontal and Equipment Distribution Areas and they are 
equipped with adjustable mounting brackets to provide either 19- or 23-inch rack or cabinet mounting (EIA or WECO) as 
well as 4- or 5-inch recess mounting. 
- The modularity, functionality and density of these products make the TE Fiber Panels ideal for mounting in close proximity 
to servers, switches, routers and SANs.
- The TE Fiber Panels' functionality can be extended with its MPO plug-and-play angled cassettes. The cassettes snap into 
place effortlessly and even come from the factory prelabelled with simple installation instructions.


Description Quantity Height Product No
Termination only rack or cabinet mount panel, black
  1 RU empty panel, black; accommodates 1 angle left and  Box of 1 44mm TFP-1TT00-000B
  1 angle right adaptor packs; T-handle latch close
  2 RU empty panel, black; accommodates 2 angle left and Box of 1 88mm TFP-2TT00-000B
  2 angle right adaptor packs; T-handle latch close
  5 RU empty panel, black; accommodates 6 angle left and Box of 1 224mm TFP-5TT00-000B
  6 angle right adaptor packs; T-handle latch close
Heat Shrink Fusion Splice Tray Box of 1   FST-HS-48
Velcro Kit for Splice Tray Kit   TFP-VELSTP
Blank Plates Box of 1   TFP-00AP00
Cable Clamp Kit Kit   TFP-ACC002
Fusion Splice Protector Bag of 1   FST-ACC005